Since I can remember I wanted to be an artist, of course my parents wanted non of it and they convinced me to study Human Resource Management. As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman — 'big mistake, huge'. After I studied as much as I could swallow a series of weird and wonderful events led to me working at a graphic design company. I was enthralled with my new career that was until one faithful afternoon in 2007.

A somewhat upset Didi de Witt, owner of Didi Couture, called me asking whether I could come over that evening to give my input and advice on her newly built website. I took one look at it and understood exactly why she was so disappointed. It was simply awful and not at all reflective of her style. A few glasses of wine later I found myself blurting out that I would redesign her website and as her friend I would do it for free.

What was I thinking for crying in a bucket? I'm a graphic designer not a web designer. I knew nothing about the inner workings of a website or even how the navigation buttons managed to open up new pages. Those early days were a very steep learning curve, but the website was a success and I fell in love with what would become my new career path.

Since then I have created numerous websites for various types of organisations, such as corporate businesses, guest houses and even churches and NGO’s. It was during the crafting of my first website for a creative professional that I had the ultimate ‘A-ha moment!’. I had found my passion. The technical requirements of the World Wide Web and my creative instinct married. For the first time in years I was freed from corporate identity manuals that dictated what I could do, what font to use and where certain elements needed to be displayed on the page.

In a certain way I think that the joy I experience while working on a website for any creative professional whether photographers, artists, designers, architects, stylists or candle stick makers stems from the knowledge that I am helping talented creatives spread their story and showcase their work. If you would like me to help spread your joy, here is what you should do - send me an email and lets have coffee.

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