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Horst Dieter

I designed my first professional website in 2007 for Didi Couture, designers of exquisite wedding gowns, through the years I have built many a website for some very big companies and some very worthy causes.

But my heart and creative spirit yearned for the joy and freedom I felt while creating that first website for Didi Couture. So I started to water this little seed in my mind, nurturing the concept of a boutique design experience for those who love passion, seek out innovation and respect creativity.

Horst Dieter Creative Concepts uses innovative technologies to push the boundaries of how artisinal entrepreneurs interact with their clients.

In the early part of 2017 I finally took the plunge, providing technology and design to create bespoke websites and logos that capture the spirit and character of you and your business.

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horst dieter wedding websites

The very first and obvious answer is to mention it on your 'Save the Date' mailers. These days it is quite acceptable for the modern bride to send out beautifully designed 'Save the Date' reminders via WhatsApp.

The idea behind sending out your wedding website address so early is to give your guests a heads up. Your website may very well contain information concerning accommodation options or other activities that your guests need to be aware of ahead of time.

Here you have to keep in mind that you have to send these out between six and eight months before the wedding day. Especially if you are planning an out of town wedding, or a weekend long affair.

This may sound like a lot of time but with so much happening over weekends and our modern over extended schedules it really isn't. And for heavens sake don't just add your website address as an afterthought at the bottom.

Some very clever people in marketing coined the phrase "Call to Action", they discovered (after spending a lot of money on research) that if you just print a website address people probably won't rush to visit your page. Let your guests know that they need to visit your website or otherwise they may miss out on some pretty important information.

Now because your guests are very, very busy people (I mean, why else won't they visit your wedding website) you need to let them know not only what they should do with the website address but also why they should use it. Something like:

  • For more information and accommodation options visit our website at www...
  • Please visit or website at www... for full details, the story of how we met and our gift registry.
  • Visit our website for full wedding details.

What I normally suggest to brides, is that we send out a second reminder using the some mailing list as for the 'Save the Date' mailer about three to four months before your big day.

The third official reminder to visit your wedding website should be on your invitations. Unlike the 'Save the Date' your wedding invitation is not the place to boldly tell people to visit your wedding website. If your guests have to use the website to RSVP half the battle is won. Do however keep in mind that your wedding invitations should be send out two months before your big day. If you are using paper invitations please keep delays at the post office in mind.

All you need to do is add the wedding website address to the RSVP on the invitation, for example: Kindly reply at www.mywedding... before 'your date.' If however you are not using an online RSVP form and you do not want to upset any etiquette I suggest adding an extra card to the invitation with your wedding website address.

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You have very nearly reached the end of my home page and by now you should have a pretty clear idea of how good design can make life easier for you.

On my Articles & Advice page I have answered some of the more frequently asked questions concerning electronic launch invitations, newsletters and websites.

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